Senior Engineer I

M.Tech, Power Systems Engineering                                                                                                                                         BS, Electrical and Electronics Engineering,


Mrs. Preethi currently serves as Senior Engineer I at Enerzinx India Pvt. Ltd. She has worked forensically in the areas of Detailed Electrical Design, Power System Studies, Grid Integration Studies, Preparation of single lines, Vendor Drawing Review, Bid Evaluation, Cost Estimation and providing consultancy services to Renewable Energy.

She has more than 3 years of experience in providing electrical consultation service to all types of power projects which includes Solar Power Plant, Biogas Plants, Hydro Plants, Industrial Plants and Commercial Building located globally. Her credibility as an expert witness rests on involving in Power System studies like Load Flow Analysis, Voltage Dip / Drop Studies, Power Factor Correction Studies, Short Circuit Studies, Static and Dynamic Motor Starting Studies, Transient Stability Studies, Relay Settings and Coordination, Equipment Protection settings, Load shedding Schemes, Reactive Power flow / Control. She has also been involved in infrastructure planning, demand forecasting and economics for metropolitan cities.

Mrs. Preethi recent engagement involve working in Grid Integration Studies, Feasibility analysis, Contingency analysis, Developing PSSE/PSLF/PSCAD models for Solar plants and wind plants, performing Dynamic analysis & System Impact studies. She has wide experience in working with power system analysis tools such as ETAP, Siemen’s PSS/E, PSCAD, ASPEN, MATLAB and PVsyst.

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