Dr. Vikramjit Singh

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Dr. Vikramjit Singh


PhD, Electronics Engineering, IKG PTU Jalandhar (Punjab, India)
MTech, Electronics Engineering, GNDU Amritsar (Punjab, India)                                                                                      BTech, Electronics and Communication Engineering, BBSB Engineering College(Punjab, India)


Dr. Vikramjit Singh is serving as Consultant at Enerzinx LLC. In this role, he is involved in automating the simulation studies for designing, modelling and validation of developed models using Siemen’s PSS®E and PSCAD.

Dr. Vikramjit Singh has a rich experience of over 10 years in teaching and research. His interest areas are Control systems, Signal Processing, Nonlinear dynamics, Algorithm designing & development. He has good knowledge of software development life cycle and is proficient in Python, Java and Shell scripting. He has been instrumental in the development of Python based utilities intended for enhancing computation efficiency in performing feasibility and contingency studies. He has also developed utilities to process, analyze, and benchmark results of various power systems analysis tools such as Siemen’s PSS®E, PSCAD and ETAP.

Before joining Enerzinx, Dr. Vikramjit Singh served as Assistant Professor and Head, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, DAV University, Jalandhar. During his academic career, he has taught undergraduate-level  and graduate courses in Electrical, Electronics and Computer Engineering. Additionally, he has supervised number of graduate students’ research in the fields of signal processing, image processing, control systems and nonlinear dynamics. His research focused on development of non-linear signal processing techniques to assess behavior of complex electrical signals. He has published several research papers in International conferences and journals.

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